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Glimpses at Fashion went "From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" #jpgmuc

Good morning guys, yesterday evening my boyfriend and I returned from our trip to Munich and it was really amazing. I should be sitting here, correcting French tests for school but I am not really motivated...How surprising is that...? I definitely prefer to share my weekend with you guys, just because it is so much more fun.

Although it wasn't my first stay in Munich, I have been amazed at the beauty of this wonderful German town. In Munich you have everything...beautiful old buildings,houses, museums, great parks, the river Isar (as it still follows its natural course unlike our river Main). You have also great streets for shopping such as the famous #Maximilianstraße. It is really hard to walk down this beautiful street with all those fantastic shops and knowing that the millions in my bank account are not there (yet :-))...

Apart from the lacking millions, everything was perfect. We had a wonderful hotel not far away from the city centre, stlyed in a way that I really love. Simp…

You want to be more Parisian wherever you are...?

Hey guys! I am happy to be back here with you and to have found some time to write to you. It is a little bit like coming back home. Finding the time for writing a new post wasn't as easy as I expected this week. Although I haven't worked at all, I enjoyed a lot of my freetime with my wonderful friends and this was really fun and necessary. By the way, they all are really fashion-addicted
and everyone of them has their own style, which I adore so much. I am totally happy about having a French friend, who in this moment is on her way to Paris in order to spend some time with her family. She is just adorable and the Parisian, I would say...As French was my favourite subject at school and as I studied the language for many years, I fell in love with the French language and the culture very early. And for over all these years I couldn't stop myself from asking myself the question of why we admire these beautiful Parisian women so much and what makes them so adorable and unique.…