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How To Find The Perfect Summer Suit 2016


Hello sweethearts! Again I have to say sorry for posting so rarely at the moment but sitting quietly at home or being at home at all has become a rare thing. It’s either seminar or school or conferences or guided tours or exams or a little bit of everything in one day. And coming home in the evenings, I am often so tired that I have to pay attention to not falling asleep while preparing stuff for the next day. Apart from all those busy moments, the weather here in the middle part of Germany has become really weird. Leaving the house without an umbrella is like leaving it completely naked . At the same time I do not have that much time to think about picking the perfect outfit. I need something that adapts perfectly to the weather conditions, and my changing, working conditions, looks like summer (at least, it’s me looking like summer) and feels fresh, comfortable and elegant at the same time. Even something that I can wear during a whole day as immediately after work I often  have to …

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