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Six Street Style Inspirations for Winter 2016/17

How to find the perfect party dress 2016/17

Hey, guys!
I hope you are all pretty well and hopefully finished with all your Christmas preparations. I am still somewhere between writing cards, packing Christmas presents and packing my weekender. Tomorrow we are going to visit my family in the north of Germany. I am really looking forward to this day. But it is deep in the country and between smaller mountains which means there is hardly any connection to the internet. This is always quite hard for me as I am a true online addict. The good thing is that this time I take my boyfriend with me…my connection to the outside world as, apart from nature, there is nothing around my parent‘s house. Well, we’ll be back on Sunday evening, so I am going to be fine… At the moment, my mind is quite busy with thoughts about the perfect New Year’s Eve dress 2016/17. The perfect New Year’s Eve should be just simply different, different from the ones already hanging in your closet. They should be dresses you have never worn before. They should be dre…