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Five Barcelona hotspots every fashionista should visit!


Hey guys!
How are you doing? Yesterday afternoon at about 3 pm we landed at Francfort airport noticing, in surprise, that summer has come back to Germany. So it has been easy to maintain my Barcelona feeling good mood. I hope that this is going to last for some time as on Monday we have to go back to work. But let's change the topic. Otherwise I'll risk to lose my good mood instantaneously.
About Barcelona, four words: I am in love. If you haven't been there guys, you should go there immediately. It is the most beautiful, colourful, sunny, creative and feeling good city I have ever been to. And do not worry, I am not going to bore you with every single detail of my journey. Although I could...Ok, I don't...Guys, however there are a few spots I have been to, that I love to share with you.

The first place was just around the corner. Lucky me...The Mango Outlet. As, at the moment, I am not in the financial place for luxury shopping, it was a perfect coincidence. Last month, I had to make the last big downpayment for my car so Gucci and Co have to wait some time for my money. Apart from that I haven't planned to stuff my closet with too many things, a decision I have made a few months ago. In fact, I have found my style. I know what I want to wear and what I wear. And a closet too full of clothes makes me nervous and confused. So being a fashion minimalist, I have just focussed on some cute statement Tees and a beautiful white summer dress that you can also wear with skinny jeans or suit pants...
For some extravagant, creative and exclusive shopping experience of any kind you visit one of the most breathtaking quarters of Barcelona: The famous Barri Gothic. By strolling through the small and cosy streets along all those ancient houses with their small and green balconies, you definitely get into the big shopping mood. Whether its shoes, clothes, exclusive Barcelona bags or souvenirs...You'll find everything in the Barri Gohtic, plus every store in and of itself is a real sight as they are all so beautifully decorated. It is also shopping in the relaxed way as Las Ramblas, the shopping street of Barcelona, is really crowded. So if you are looking for an extraordinary and relaxed shopping experience, go to the Barri Gothic. If you do not have to make any downpayments the Passeig de Garcia is the perfect adress. It is definitely the luxury shopping mile and besides you can visit Gaudis famous Casa Batllo and Casa Milà.

My next hotspot is not about shopping, it is about eating. After an extended shopping and sight seeing trip you definitely need to eat some tapas at the Casalolea, for me the most beautiful tapas bar in the Barri Gotic. When you enter the lovely decorated place, you'll immediately fall in love with it. The happy red and white atmosphere, the ancient floor and the lovely decorated bar give you a feeling of being at home immediately. The staff and the outstanding tapas that are served there do the rest.
In the Sant Pere neighborhood of #Barcelona awaits Casa Lolea, a project of friends to friends made for Sangría Lolea lovers.  I MUST visit here some day!!!:
Casa Lolea. Barcelona on Behance:

We haven't talked about swimming yet. If you go to Barcelona, you want to go swimming in the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. If you love the crowded version you can go to one of the beaches of the city. If you love the more relaxed and peacful version, like me, you may want to borrow a bike - there are many bike rentals in Barcelona - enjoy the lovely ride along the Mediterranean sea and stop at the beach at the Parc del Forum. The area is impressive and the beaches over there are not that crowded. And you may feel a little more like a native as the tourists generally prefer to go to one of the beaches close to the city centre.
My last hotspot for you has also been just around my corner...I have definitely chosen the right hotel without being aware. Every evening when we came home we passed by The Cotton House, an amazing hotel only a few steps away from our hotel. It may sound weird to you buit with this hotel it was love at first smell. Everytime I was passing by I noticed this wonderful warm smell. On the third evening I was so intrigued that I asked a few people, standing outside the hotel, whether it was their perfume that smelled so amazing. They told me that this wonderful smell came from the inside. It is the hotel's own room fragrance. And maybe you can imagine what happened next...I rushed inside as I so needed to have that fragrance. The Cotton House is even more beautiful from the inside and I tell you, when I have finally made my millions, I am going to spend a few nights there. The room fragrance perfectly reflects the beauty and luxury of this house. The place is just breathtaking. I am so happy to have chosen this kind of souvenir as now, when I am dreaming of those wonderul days in Barcelona I just inhale The Cotton House room fragrance and I am immediately back there in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona - #CottonHouseHotel: the world...
2016-08-26 20.26.13
Guys, I hope you liked my very personal Barcelona hotspots and maybe feel inspired to visit this charismatic city. As for me, I can say that this was not my last stay in Barcelona...
Have you ever been to Barcelona guys? If so, or even if not leave your comments, ideas and inspirations below. I see you in a few days and do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments.


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