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Greetings from Fashion Blogger Island II

hey friends  Ich hope You have had a fabulous start intolerant the week? #minimalplanet #love #photooftheday minimalism #minimalistics #minimalismo #instaminim #keepitsimple #minimalhunter #negativespace #art #minimalista #minimalninja #simplicity #minimalistic #minimalist #minimalove #minimal #simple #instagood #prilaga #lessismore #minimalisbd #beautiful #simpleandpure #minimalobsession

Hey, guys! Nice to be here after some days of silence. After a busy last working week we sponateneously decided to spend the first week of holidays on my most beloved Fashion Blogger Island at Lake Constance. The weather was said to be amazing and as we were in desperate need of a change of scene we packed our suitcases and arrived in one of the most beautiful German Lakes four hours later…

2017-10-12 09.31.57

The magic of this place is indescribable…The turquoise Lake surrounded by these beautiful big mountains, the freshness of the air, the beautiful flowers and trees that are totally different from those growing in my area, the sweet and cosy little streets with these stately homes, the sophisticatedness of Bregenz which is only a short bikeride away, is for me the perfect mixture of luxe relaxation and adventure.

2017-10-11 17.39.39

2017-10-11 16.54.17

2017-10-11 17.18.18

2017-10-12 09.32.14

As always, I went to see the exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz which this time was particularly pleasant as it was held by Peter Zumthor himself, a great architect who built the museum. The museum in and of itself is a pure source of inspiration but this time I was really hypnotised by the creativity and amount of ideas this exhibition gave to me. My favourite piece of art was the upper floor with this lovely fantasy garden…

2017-10-10 12.14.30

2017-10-10 12.14.37

2017-10-10 12.07.56

2017-10-10 11.18.20

After a few days on my Fashion Blogger Island we changed location and spent one night in another beautiful place at the Lake. The Lake becomes much smaller there but the loveliness of this cute town is sublime…Another highlight was our hotel and in particular the hotel room as we surprisingly got an upgrade from the staff. Yes, guys, this is what happens when you are in this constant good feeling place…Smile.

2017-10-12 12.41.25

2017-10-12 18.52.28

2017-10-13 10.07.16

2017-10-12 18.50.21

2017-10-13 08.21.08

2017-10-13 10.43.47

good morning friends I spent the last night in one of the most amazing hotels at the Lake the photo of the the guys is from their wall #minimalplanet #love #photooftheday minimalism #minimalistics #minimalismo #instaminim #keepitsimple #minimalhunter #negativespace #art #minimalista #minimalninja #simplicity #minimalistic #minimalist #minimalove #minimal #simple #instagood #prilaga #lessismore #minimalisbd #beautiful #simpleandpure #minimalobsession

It has been amazing as you can see and my wish to buying a beautiful apartment on my most preferred Island gets bigger and bigger. Now it is about 5 pm in the afternoon and although I am a little sad about having left my paradise, I am looking forward to meeting  a lovely friend of mine in about two hours for lunch…I see you in a few days, friends! Have a fantastic weekend and do not forget to enjoy some fashionble moments!
Hugs and kisses,


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