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It’s Time for a Fashion Update: Fall/Winter Shoe Trends 2016/17

Hello guys!

After a week of rain in the middle of Germany and in the middle of my summer holidays, I am already planning to go on another vacation… I can not support this horrifying mid-German weather any more. So maybe it is going to be some last minute thing, I guess. As German Fall seems to be arriving a lot quicker than ordered I thought that it was highest time to take a first look at the upcoming Fall Fashion Season 2016. So why not start with the Fall Fashion 2016 shoe trends, guys? Though I am not the red shoe kind of gal, I must admit that this pair of overknees is amazing. I love the pointed version and I love the super slouchy form. The combination with the grey tweed sets this pair of overknees perfectly in scene. Another of my favourite Fall Fashion Shoe Trend Styles 2016 are the new Mid Ankle Boot Styles. They fit perfectly with my much loved pencil skirts and the great denim trends 2016. One of the shoe trends that never goes out of style and that I cannot prevent myself fr…