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Fashion Blogger Photography Inspiration December #2

Hey, guys! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and your families? I am sorry for being a little late in wishing you a Merry Christmas. This time I am having a perfect excuse. Since last Friday we are having a new family member called Jacques. He is wonderful and still very young and much too cute to focus my attention anywhere else.

Isn’t he wonderful? He brings about a lot of change into my daily routine – in a good way …I am spending much more time outside or lying on the floor just playing with him.

Apart from taking photos of him, I continue to take inspiring photos for you and my blog. At the moment it is all about nature, art and fashion magazines. I am having this thing for Renoir as his colorful and happy paintings work perfectly with the beautiful models in the fashion magazines. And for the rest, I walk around with my eyes quite open to find inspiring photos in nature for possible fashion shoot backgrounds, inspirations for designs or just simply…

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Hey, guys! It is about 8 pm and the weekend is almost over. I am a little sad as I have a busy week in front of me. There should be a day between Sunday and Monday, someday like “Smonday”…What do you think? Even at weekends, I do not always find the time to do the things I love to do such as writing to you, guys, taking photos or reading some good books or blogs…And with all those amazing online shops and the changing of seasons, I would love to have besides a “Smonday” a 40 hour day to find the time to do everything I love to do.

As far as social media is concerned, I love to find my daily dose of inspiration on Instagram. For me the perfect place to find everything I want in the shortest time. Perfect for busy persons like me. Apart from art and photography, I am following the greatest fashion designers and trendsetters all over the world.  The one that gets me at the moment is not too far away from here. Designer or better said trendsetter Steffen Schraut. I already knew his name an…

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Oscar de la Renta