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Erdem Moralioğlu or how to find the perfect dress 2016

Hello sweethearts! It is hard to believe that it is Monday again. The weekend went by so quickly that I haven't found the time to write a few lines to you. Saturday was so sunny that I spent almost the whole day in the German "Nice" as people often call it.

London Fashion Week 2016

8 London Fashion Week 2016 Street Styles worth keeping in mind

Hello Sweeties! I hope you had a good start into

What the perfect statement bag 2016 looks like!

Sweethearts, I hope you are all doing pretty fine? With a whole lot of melancholy,good friends around me and a big bottle of good white wine yesterday evening,I kind of survived the evening without the London Fashion Show. Anyway, I had no choice...

Apart from one hour of spinning at the gym, I spent a lazy Saturday at home. The German weather is awful...still raining cats and dogs. So the perfect time for a short (after) New York Fashion Week post. I am sure you feel the same about bags as me. We just love them, don't we? Sometimes we give our whole life into their hands (one never knows how the evening will end...). Besides, a bag remains a fashion statement and tells a lot about our fashion personality.

So, here is my very personal New York Fashion Week 2016 top 10 ... I am sure, you will them all...

The colourful and happy statement mini-bags by Custo Barcelona and Jeremy Scott...

The oversize weekender version by Rag & Bone The business version with statement stripes by Ralph…