Glimpses at Fashion: 8 London Fashion Week 2016 Street Styles worth keeping in mind

Montag, 22. Februar 2016

8 London Fashion Week 2016 Street Styles worth keeping in mind

Hello Sweeties! I hope you had a good start into
your working weeks and a lovely weekend. Apart from feeling this slight melancholy about having missed my London Fashion Week 2016 opportunity, I had the most perfect start into the last week of February. With only one student to visit in his French lesson this morning, it has been a short and nice Monday morning. 

Tomorrow it's going to be different as I am holding a seminar with ten students half of which I haven't known so far. We'll see about that. When it comes to seminar days, I often think about choosing the right clothes. Sure, I think about preparing myself for the seminar as well, don't worry...To be honest, guys, when I am not that motivated in the morning, the perfect outfit often sets me into the perfect feeling good mode.

That's why often, the night before, lying in bed, I am planning my outfit for the next (seminar) day and I love it. It has really become my regular bedtime routing. Although being a fashion blogger and loving fashion, my wardrobe is rather minimalistic. I love to know what's in my closet. And I carefully choose new pieces to combine them with those timeless ones alreay hanging in there. 

Sure, I am picking up trends but always prefer the timeless ones. You may ask yourself how do I know and I would answer I don't is just a gut feeling which may not even always be true but most of the time it is working. And that's  why I love Street Style photos so much. I use them as my true source of inspiration for new ideas of how to combine the things in my my closet or for the next shopping trip *smile*...

And the Street Styles for today are coming from London Fashion Week 2016 and they have inspired me to some fashion statements that are hopefully pleasing to you...So, sweeties, enjoy the fashion inspirations from London Fashion Week 2016...

1. Blue is in fashion this year (again and still) and we love the blue shirt, the blue blazer, 
jeansstatement coats, uniform coats, sweater and shirts...

2. The uniform coat/blazer/jacket remains the perfect Street Style companion 2016.

3. The bomber jacket loves the silk scarf.

4. Sometimes more can be less and so beautiful. Simple, minimal and classic is just the best to wear...Black pants, blue jacket, olive green silk-shirt and a pair of flats

5. Yellow definitely is one of the colours of the year 2016. A yellow statement bag, a yellow statement coat or a yellow dress adds a touch of summer to every outfit.

6. Statement coats love red and red definitely loves to be worn with black.

7. Chanel tweed is timeless and keeps up with all fashion trends.

And most important of all...

8. Style is not a question of age. There are lovely young and very lovely older women who have the greatest sense of Street Style 2016 and are able to inspire us wherever we are...

Guys, I loved being with you...Enjoy a fantastic Monday evening and a fabulous week!

I am looking forward to you coming back here to my blog and thank you for that!!!

Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments...
I see you soon.

photos via Pinterest.