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Fashion Blogger Photography Inspiration December #2

Hey, guys! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and your families? I am sorry for being a little late in wishing you a Merry Christmas. This time I am having a perfect excuse. Since last Friday we are having a new family member called Jacques. He is wonderful and still very young and much too cute to focus my attention anywhere else.

Isn’t he wonderful? He brings about a lot of change into my daily routine – in a good way …I am spending much more time outside or lying on the floor just playing with him.

Apart from taking photos of him, I continue to take inspiring photos for you and my blog. At the moment it is all about nature, art and fashion magazines. I am having this thing for Renoir as his colorful and happy paintings work perfectly with the beautiful models in the fashion magazines. And for the rest, I walk around with my eyes quite open to find inspiring photos in nature for possible fashion shoot backgrounds, inspirations for designs or just simply…

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