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Look of the week–We love Tweed

Tracy Reese – Fall 2016 – Ready to Wear Collection

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Look of the week–Paris Fashion Week 2016

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton PFW 2016
Photo by Diego Zuko

How to Find the Perfect Winter Scarf 2017!

Hello guys! I hope you are enjoying your weekends. I have been a very lazy fashion blogger in the past few weeks. My mind has been very busy with dealing with the new career perspectives, trying to line up with something that I have never expected. I am really happy though. It just feels a little different. It’s a shame that Fall Fashion Week 2016 has passed quite unnoticed on my blog but I promise to do better next time, guys.
Fashion, however, has remained my favourite topic in spite of all those career things. And even if I haven’t been a regular blogger in the past few days, I have done a lot of shopping, maybe a little too much as my bank account has been telling me recently... The horrible German weather in the past few weeks has inspired me to do some scarf research. Owning some of the really big scarves, I have been looking for the more elegant version – big but not too big and in a softer wool/silk fabric. So I have been looking for the modal version… It took a few days but fi…