Glimpses at Fashion: How to find your ultimate Spring 2016 statement coat

Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

How to find your ultimate Spring 2016 statement coat

Martin Grant 2016

Hello sweeties! If the sun is shining, wherever you live, please send some sunshine to Germany. It has been raining cats and dogs for hours here.
But nevertheless I am in a really good mood. A long weekend is lying in front of me and on Monday and Tuesday I can work from home. 

We have just come back from Francfort. After having done some nice Saturday morning shopping, we had a lovely coffee break at the "old market hall", one of the very special places in Francfort where the atmosphere is lively, colourful, relaxed and happy. Apart from that they sell fantastic food, excellent wine and the most fantastic coffee...

Day 293: Kleinmarkthalle

The fantastic coffee at the market hall was followed by a trip to the museum of modern art where you always find amazing pieces of art to look at or you just enjoy the atmosphere of the builing with its fascinating architecture.

MMK 1-bw_20150312_5399.jpg

After having walked for some time through those parts of the city where most of the people would not go for a walk (- I love to do that from time to time as this is the real Francfort, completely unmasked), we went home and at the moment are planning our Saturday night together or better said are doing part-time planning.

Looking outside of my window, I am yearning deeply for spring 2016 to come. It is still raining...And after having completed my spring lookbook and my spring colour post I am really in the mood and ready for looking at some spring 2016 statment coats. So come with me, guys and let's see what the statement coat of spring 2016 does look like.

1. The statement coat 2016 has utility-details and is snorkel blue

Bally Spring 2016

2. The statement coat 2016 is oversized and convinces us with lovely coat sleeves and collar details...

Calvin Klein 2016

Givenchy 2016

Young British Designers 2016

3. The statement coat 2016 gets us into the spring mood 2016 with spring colours.

Dries van Noten 2016

Joseph Resort 2016

4. The spring statement coat 2016 is everything but boring as it comes along with wonderful flower patterns and embroideries.

Dries van Noten 2016

5. The statement trench 2016, newly interpreted, convinces us through its sophisticated details.

6. The statement coat 2016 comes along in crocodile green and so reminds me of a coat my mum wore in the seventies and I loved it.

So guys, I hope you found some inspirations as far as your statement coat 2016 is concerned?

I loved it being with you here again. Now my sweetheart is calling me as we still have some evening planning to do.

Enjoy your weekends, sweethearts!
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  1. Ooooh I love the flowery Spring coat - it's SO pretty! You'd definitely turn heads walking around Francfort in that

    Steph -

  2. Thank you Stephanie. That is really nice of you...The flowery one is my favourite, too...Have a lovely Sunday!!Tina

  3. Simply amazing!
    Have a blessed week!
    Much love, Len

  4. Hey Len, that's nice of you! Enjoy your week as well! Tina Maria