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Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

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Indeed lol:

Hello sweethearts! I am really happy to have found some time to write a few lines...Since last weekend I needed a lot of my time for preparing for the working week. Honestly, I should have worked more during vacation time. As a consequence I had to prepare a seven hours seminar and correct 25 French tests in 3 days and didn't have time to do the real fun things such as blogging, for example. And more more and more I become aware of the fact that I really love and enjoy fashion blogging. 

But sometimes it also feels a little bit weird as the world of fashion that I enjoy so much has got nothing in common with the working world I live in everyday. You know those people teaching students at school or as me the older ones in seminars are often (luckily there are more and more exceptions) often are not interested in what they are wearing. With the younger teachers that have just left university it luckily starts to get better and better every day. 

 You know sometimes I miss this little glamour in my working world. Walking along the school and seminar corridors, meeting well-dressed and good-looking people. That would be so amazing...and this makes me think again and again about choices as far as your job is concerned. It is not at all that I haven't loved working with young people. Even this morning I was enjoying teaching French to my ninth grade. We really get along well with each other and have a lot of fun while learning French Grammar and stuff. Nevertheless I am not sure whether I would have chosen the same job with the knowledge of all those interesting career choices you have today. 

After I had finished school either you started to work or went to the university to become a teacher, a doctor or maybe a lawyer...I grew up in a small village 250 kilometres away from Francfort and my family has always been very traditional so they wanted me to learn a well-respected profession and so at the age of 19 I started to study langugages and now I am here, much older and maybe a little wiser. I know my parents meant well and I am really thankful for all they have done for me...

But sometimes I feel this melancholy. For example, next week is Berlin Fashion Week and I definitely cannot go there as I can not take a day off as every other person working who is not working in the educational world. And I am really sad about this...I would so have loved to go there to take photos and post them on my blog as I think it is going to be a big fashion event. If time allows me to, I will definitely spend the first weekend of March in Paris to enjoy the Paris Fashion Week feeling...Luckily there is this weekend in between...

So, my dear sweethearts, wish me luck or maybe we are seeing each other at Paris Fashion Week? What I can say for sure is that fashion blogging and teaching does not have to be a contradicition and I am sure that many of you have their job lives besides fashion blogging to or are studying at university and maybe you sometimes feel the strong contrast between those two contrasting worlds. And honestly I must admit that fashion blogging makes it sometimes hard to leave this world of beauty, clothes, bags, glamour, runways and Berlin, New York, Paris, London and Milan Fashion week in order to go back into this everyday routine...

To come to the point...that's why today's blog post is full of pictures that reflext all those thoughts going on in my mind at the moment...fashion blogging, Paris Fashion Week - where to stay and whether to go there, school, changes....

Sweethearts, I hope, that, although this post was a bit more contemplative than the other ones I hope you got inspired nevertheless...

I'll be back soon, guys!

Enjoy some fashionable and fashion blogging moments...
I was enjoying my time with you here...

Indeed lol:


  1. BEAUTIFUL PICS! Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead!
    Much love, Len


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