Glimpses at Fashion: 10 Timeless Street Style Inspirations for Spring 2017

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017

10 Timeless Street Style Inspirations for Spring 2017

Street Style11

Hey, guys!
I hope you are doing pretty well and your working isn’t that tough? My week has started with three days of hard work. Right now, I am looking forward to a home office day tomorrow before I have to spend my whole Friday at school…But Friday also means that the weekend is coming soon. It is all a question of the perspective, right?
Yesterday, my spring street style look has arrived and this morning I woke up with the happy and feeling-good perspective of wearing the outfit today at work. It is always amazing how quickly the perfect and feeling-good outfit can change the mood of an entire day.
That’s why I felt the inspiration to collect 10 of the most timeless street style inspirations for you here on my blog for spring 2017. So maybe you will find your favourite outfit here and maybe you’ll fall in the same good feeling mood as I did…because that’s how real fashion ladies are…arent’t they?

1. Denim – light blue blouse

Street Style 5

2. The statement blouse

Street Style 10

3. White blouse – grey pants – sneakers

Street Style 7

4. Oxford shoes – skinny jeans

Street Style 8

5. Cropped jeans – pointed pumps

Street Style 2

6. Blue blazer – Stan Smith’s

Street Style12

7. Beige spring coat – grey hoody – cropped jeans – Stan Smith’s

Street Style 6

8. Flared pants in black – white tunica blouse

Street Style 3

9. Striped shirt – blazer – destroyed jeans

Street Style 4
10. Knit sweater – skinny pants  in navy – heels

Street Style 1

Guys, I see you in a few days. Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments.
P.S. Here you find my street style favourites for spring 2017 from Farfetch!

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  1. Great suggestions dear, I'm in love in The statement blouse-nr 2 :-)