Glimpses at Fashion: Isn’t it time to invite Fashion Spring into your Closet?

Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

Isn’t it time to invite Fashion Spring into your Closet?

Fashion Inspiration nude tones 1

Hey, friends! I hope you are spending a fantastic week with great things to do? As it has been the time of Carnaval, I haven’t been out a lot. It is not really my thing…My friends, by the way, are in love with Carnaval. Finding an amazing place to go out during this particular weekend can be a great challenge.
I love to stay in for a few days sometimes. It hasn’t been always like that but at the moment I find so many exciting things to do at home – fashion blogging is only one of those amazing things. About a week ago, I have started DJaying again – a passion that I gave up a few years ago. In a few weeks, we are having a big party, and I have been asked to play the first set…I am so excited!
Now you know a little about what’s going on in my life at the moment. Time to turn to fashion and to the fashion blogger’s mind…At the moment I am all about colours. Apart from being obsessed with blue, the fashion colour of 2017, in all its wonderful nuances I am discovering for me the temptation of nude tones, in particular, white and beige. Those who are following my blog for a longer period of time may know that I am the blue, grey and black kind of fashion girl. I have been like that for years, friends.
It is amazing what a small change of fashion colours can do for you and your mood. The whole outfit seems to invite spring 2017 into my life and I feel lighter and easier and just different. It is like having started a new relationship. So, friends, I can only recommend you to check your closet and maybe you also think it is time to invite fashion spring 2017 into your closet.
Enjoy the perfect marriage of colours and get some fashion inspiration for your personal spring outfit 2017.
Fashion Inspiration nude tones 2
Fashion Inspiration nude tones 3
Fashion Inspiration nude tones 4
Fashion Inspiration nude tones 5
Fashion Inspiration nude tones 6
Fashion Inspiration nude tones 7
Street Style FW 2
Aren’t these styles breathtaking bringing us a little closer to those wonderful, good-feeling and well scented first days of spring? Take a look at your closet, friends, and maybe you now are ready to add one of those amazing spring pieces to your closet…
Thank you for having stopped by and do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments. I see you in a few days!
P.S Maybe you need those amazing spring styles right now? Take a look at my Farfetch spring 2017 selection…

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  1. White , beige or ivory are always timeless and elegant colors. Beautiful inspirations :-)