Glimpses at Fashion: Glimpses at Fashion wants to sustain this French feeling

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

Glimpses at Fashion wants to sustain this French feeling

Hey guys all over the world! Bonjour à tout le monde! I hope you all are enjoying your weekends. I really do after a busy working week. The golden sunlight of fall is taking a glimpse at me through the big trees while I am sitting here at my desk. The world outside looks really beautiful. I have just enough time before I am going to leave the house to guide some tourists through a cosy medieval town near Francfort. It's a great job. And guys, I have just enough time 
to take a look back at Paris Fashion Week 2015 and to think about a way to sustain this extraordinary French feeling. So I made a list for all of us, which might help us to "stay Parisian wherever we are" and at the same time looking forward to Paris Fashion Week 2016...Enjoy!

pastel street in provence

Eating French chocolate..A lovely friend of mine offered me a beautiful present a few days ago. She is French and just spent some days in Paris. As she has worked some time in one of the most famous chocolateries in Paris - #Jeff de Bruges - she has brought me some of the most delicious pieces of Jeff de Bruges chocolate, which were lovingly packed into this cute little case.

Chocolatier Jeff de Bruges, Paris

Buying a really elegant and expensive Breton shirt, also known as St James shirt, in order to feel like one of those modern and sophisticated Parisian women of the Coco Chanel area who were willing to break with ancient traditions...

Spending a romantic weekend in Paris and booking an appartment with a view to the Eiffel Tower....You may enjoy a weekend in Paris, staying in one of those fancy hotels...But you can only get this real French feeling when you book one of those fabulous appartments with a view to the Eiffel's love, it's passion, it's fashion, it's Paris...

Having a real French breakfast...Try to find out which bakery in your town makes the best croissants and the best French bread in town. Yes, I know, nowhere in the world you will find croissants that are more perfect than the French croissant...but it is at least something..Enjoy your breakfast at home, or if you live in Germany visit those cute and lovely spaces where you can have a French breakfast in a French atmosphere: La Maison du Pain...

Wearing the French style..choosing your clothes not according to how comfortable they feel but more according to the way they underline your personality, you being a self-confident woman or rather a lady with a great sense of style and elegance...just Parisian...

So, what do you think?...After having finished this blog post, I feel a little closer to this extraordinary Paris Fashion feeling atmosphere and I hope I can sustain it a few more days...And maybe you can, too...

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I am looking forward to my next post and I hope all of you get a nice start into the next working week..

Yours Maritine

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