Glimpses at Fashion: Glimpses at Fashion went "From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" #jpgmuc

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Glimpses at Fashion went "From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" #jpgmuc

Good morning guys, yesterday evening my boyfriend and I returned from our trip to Munich and it was really amazing. I should be sitting here, correcting French tests for school but I am not really motivated...How surprising is that...? I definitely prefer to share my weekend with you guys, just because it is so much more fun.

Although it wasn't my first stay in Munich, I have been amazed at the beauty of this wonderful German town. In Munich you have everything...beautiful old buildings,houses, museums, great parks, the river Isar (as it still follows its natural course unlike our river Main). You have also great streets for shopping such as the famous #Maximilianstraße. It is really hard to walk down this beautiful street with all those fantastic shops and knowing that the millions in my bank account are not there (yet :-))...

Apart from the lacking millions, everything was perfect. We had a wonderful hotel not far away from the city centre, stlyed in a way that I really love. Simple, minimal and could just feel at home at #Bold.

With the hotel being perfect and the weather being just fine, we spent a beautiful weekend in Munich. On Saturday we were most of the time outside as it was so sunny and warm and we took a long walk along the river Isar. The atmosphere was great and I had the impression that the summer came back to just pay a visit to this lovely German town. 

As the Sunday weather was not that fine, we spent most of the day in the beautiful museums of Munich. Even if you are not the museum type it is worth to visit one or two of the famous museums in Munich as the buildings in and of themselves are extraordinarly impressive - as for example the #Lenbachhaus or the #Pinakothek der Moderne (just to mention two of them...).

#JPGMUC Jean Paul Gaultier in love with Munich

Monday was the day I had been waiting for for a few months and I was really excited when my boyfriend dropped me off in front of the #Kunsthalle München on Monday morning...two hours to discover the world of Jean Paul Gaultier #JPGMUC. I was so excited and happy...

I spent two hours of amazament in the world of Jean Paul Gaultier and it was worth every second. Moving up the stairs of the #Kunsthalle München, I entered the anteroom and was taken into the Gaultier atmosphere by the predominance of the nautic look of furniture and signs...

The first hall was dominated by the beginnings of his work. Gaultier's first model, his Teddy Bear #Nana, looks so cute and friendly and kind of creates a certain connection between you and the great Jean Paul Gaultier. It just makes him a human being like anyone else...After having examined one of the most amazing bustiers, I have ever seen, I entered the realm of blue, the second room, which was definitely my favourite one.

Apart from all those wonderful dresses, robes, skirts and shirts - I really love love love the nautic look - all those models in this realm of blue, including Gaultier had their things to say to you... Due to these extraordinary video installations not only the models but also the master himself are brought to life. Everyone of them had something to say and the whole room was filled with voices that sound so familiar and strange at the same time. A most unusal and fascinating atmosphere...

Every single room of #JPGMUC had its own particualar aura. It were not only the voices of the models that made me feel being a part of Gaultier's world of fashion. It was also the closeness to all those wonderful creations, every piece of them being so unique and artful. Gaultier is really a fashion genius. His use of extraordinary materials in fashion design such as animal feather, animal skin, crystals, metal cans, jet and elastic turns every piece into a piece of art that you want to look at endlessly. A most amazing fashion experience...

After having finished with the wonderful wedding gowns, that make us girls just wanting to get married just for the sake of wearing these extraordinary gowns, I happily left. My boyfriend was waiting already outside (not being that much into fashion as I am) and I automatically took him to #Maximilianstrasse for another cup of cappuccino...just to enjoy this atmosphere that Gaultier has evoked in me a little longer - secretly..and for myself.

Guys, that was it, my trip to Munich. I had the greatest fun there and I enjoyed it very much writing to you about it. If you have the opportunity to come to Munich, visit #JPGMUC. You will love it, guys. I am sure.

For more information about #JPGMUC read my blogpost
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I hope you enjoyed our little journey into the world of Gaultier...
I am really looking forward to writing to you soon.


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