Glimpses at Fashion: Paris Fashion Week–Look of the week II

Donnerstag, 10. März 2016

Paris Fashion Week–Look of the week II


Hello sweethearts! How is everything? I hope you are all doing as fine as I am. Although it has been a busy week with a lot of stuff to do and one or the other encounter of the third kind, I feel great.The sun seems to have remembered that Germany exists and apparently wants to stay a little longer. For the weekend the weather is said to be sunny too. Perfect as on Sunday I am celebrating my birthday and on Saturday I am going to party with the girls…

Apart from that another thing makes me really happy.Yesterday evening, I received my new order from H&M. I always notice that I find amazing stuff there online but I am often having difficulties with finding something adequate in the shops in Francfort. I am not quite sure whether it’s me and my impatience or whether it’s the fact that they hide the good stuff in their online shops. Never mind, as long as I find the beautiful quality clothes online…

I bought two basic pieces which are perfect for work: a pair of navy suit trousers - which I bought one size bigger for the boyfriend effect – and a grey cashmere sweater, simple and classic. I wore this outfit together with my black Melvin & Hamiliton boots. While I was teaching French, I thought that the outfit simply felt good and is exactly my style as it is elegant, individual and comfortable at the same time. And it isn’t it always like that that the perfect outfit makes it so much easier to go to work…?

Anzughose aus stretchigem Stoff mit schmaler zulaufendem Bein und normaler Bundhöhe. Die Hose hat Seitentaschen und eine paspelierte Potasche. Vorn ein verdeckter Häkchenverschluss. Bügelfalten.:

PREMIUM QUALITÄT. Fein gerippter Pullover aus Kaschmirwolle. Modell mit kleinem Stehkragen und langen Raglanärmeln. Bündchen an Ärmeln und Saum.:

Apart from that I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy my first one-piece for this summer. It is simply gorgeous and I am now really looking forward not only to the sun but to temperatures that make you less feel like a penguin living in the wrong part of the world.

CONSCIOUS. Jumpsuit aus weichem gewaschenem Twill aus Tencel® Lyocell. Der Jumpsuit hat einen verdeckten Frontreißverschluss, Brusttaschen mit Patte, Seitentaschen und geknöpfte Potaschen.  In der Taille ein Gummizug und ein Gürtel mit Metallschnalle. Geknöpfte Schulterriegel und lange, geknöpfte Ärmel. Schmal zulaufendes Bein.:

I am perfectly happy with my conquests this week. And, a propos, simple…Again this week I chose Miroslava Duma at Paris Fashion Week for the look of the week. She always understands it perfectly to combine in the most fashionable way simple basics with the most amazing luxury pieces in the world…high-waisted jeans, simple ripped navy turtleneck and flowery Valentino coat. Don’t you love that look, sweethearts?
That’s it for today, lovelies! I see you soon and wish you a wonderful and fashionable evening wherever you are…



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