Glimpses at Fashion: Looking forward to Summer 2016 with the Young British Designers

Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Looking forward to Summer 2016 with the Young British Designers

Hello sweethearts! I hope you are all doing pretty fine. Slowly but steadily I am moving back from the holiday dream world into reality. Yesterday, I started correcting the first French tests which brought me back down to earth. However, today I am in the “desk-escape” mood. That’s why I have decided to take my time to come back to you, guys, and see what’s new on the fashion front.
As March is over and April is bringing us closer and closer to a feeling of summer, I thought it was time to revisit the Young British Designers. Apart from getting real fashion inspirations at the YBDs and having a hard time hindering myself from emptying their entire shop, it always puts me in a wonderful mood to admire their creative, unique and extraordinary pieces. So let’s see what is new in at the Young British Designers.
The off shoulder trend got us all and that’s why I can not deprive you of the Sassen Shoulder Top in Textured Cotton by Danielle Romeril. I love the combination with the top and the tunic as it adds a certain edginess to the look.

I guess it is a real challenge to make a simple black dress look particular. For me the Black Knotted Dress by Danielle Romeril is a telling example of how you can make a difference by wearing the little black dress.

Having grown up in times when almost every older woman was wearing a pleated skirt, it has taken me a long time to really appreciate this beaufiful fashion item. Today I love wearing it with a simple sweatshirt and my Stan Smith. The Olivia Frayed Pleat Midi Skirt by Rejina Pyo with the raw edged detailing and the soft ivory tone, turns the  pleated skirt into a modern and at the same time timeless fashion piece.

The Elsie Jacquard Knit Jumper for me, as a fashion and colour minimalist, is the perfect alternative to a simple grey or blue sweater. I have been looking for something more colourful for a long time and it has not been the easiest thing. This beautiful jumper loves formal and simple off-duty looks at the same time and is, with its soft colours and patterns, the perfect colour tentative for every fashion minimalist.

My last choice for today at the YBDs is the combination of the Slouchy Lolita Trousers with the ‘Bonne Chance’ Knit Vest by J.Won.

Not only do I love the slight boyfriend cut of the trousers and its fresh blue colour. The combination with the shirt and the silk scarf turns the outfit into this timeless French look that makes one dream of those warm happy and lovely days at the Mediterranean Sea.

Sweethearts, I could go on forever…It is always a pleasure to visit the Young British Designers. It was a pleasure for me to present you some of my favourite pieces of April.
Guys, I hope you had a great time reading the post and maybe got some fashion inspirations.
Thank you so much for having read my post. Have a lovely day and I am looking forward to seeing you on Glimpses at Fashion.
Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments.

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