Glimpses at Fashion: That's What The Perfect Pieces Of Jewellery For Spring/Summer 2016 look like!

Freitag, 15. April 2016

That's What The Perfect Pieces Of Jewellery For Spring/Summer 2016 look like!


Hello my dear sweethearts! It’s almost been a week since I last posted on Glimpses at Fashion. After an amazing two weeks of holiday and laziness, I got punished this week for not having done all the things I should have done during my free time…The consequence being that I could not find the time for blogging, something that frustrated me even more. But sweethearts I am back and happy and that’s what counts...

Today, I am so excited as I am going to present you one of my latest discoveries in jewellery design. And maybe, before, it is  time to tell you something about me and jewellery. One word only: minimalism…A piece of jewellery for me is something very special, unique and extraordinary and it should reflect my style and my personality. That’s why I sometimes almost feel sorry for this junk jewellery hanging kind of lost on the rod in some drugstore. I definitely can’t buy that kind of stuff…

I do not buy jewellery very often, but when I buy a beautiful piece it has to fit me perfectly.That’s why I am so happy to be able to present to you the fantastic pieces of Kat Korn, the owner of The designer herself sees jewellery “as an important part of our look” which “reflects how we feel”. Visiting, you may quickly realize the designer’s great gift not only to combine various trends but to also integrate the influences of architecture, nature and the world that  surrounds us…


I am really very proud that the designer Kat Korn ceded these beautiful photos to me to write a short blog post for Kornjewellery.


The beautiful rings from Kat Korn’s Pentagon Collection completely reflect the designer’s gift to translate the forms around us into a timeless piece of jewellery that, as Kat Korn herself describes it, can be seen as a never-ending neutral ornament…
Pentagon ring collection By Kate Korn
My favourite is the Pentagon 925 sterling silver ring with high polish, coat of rhodium and Swarovski crystal on the side. With its coat of rhodium, it reflects in the most perfect way what we call the “Zeitgeist”. At the same time for me the ring, through its clear architectural design embodies something very solid, eternal and timeless in style…

Jewellery that is really unique and extraordinary and goes with any of my outfits…that’s why I wanted you to know and discover

So visit and not only for the rings. You will find some of the most extraordinary pieces of jewellery there.

…I am late for a drink with the girls…Thank you so much for having stopped by and thank you, Kat Korn, for giving me the possibility to post about your beautiful jewellery designs. Thank you to the model photographer Brogan Collis and to the product photography Photo Lightroom by Rafal Novak. Special thanks also go to the models Steph Shaw and Benas Linkiavicius. 
I see you soon, guys! Enjoy some fashionable moments…


  1. I never heard about this brand before-such a beautiful and modern rings , I love it <3

  2. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday darling!
    Much love, Len