Glimpses at Fashion: The ultimate 7 Feel-Good must haves every fashionable woman needs in January 2017

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

The ultimate 7 Feel-Good must haves every fashionable woman needs in January 2017


Hey, guys!
After almost three weeks of winter holidays, I should feel totally relaxed right now. But I don’t. It is the last weekend before I have to go back to work on Monday and motivation is the last thing I am feeling right now. The holidays have been filled with many wonderful moments – visiting family, friends, parties, eating in restaurants …- however, I have missed one important part. Going away for a few days, relaxing somewhere in a beautiful hotel by the sea or in the mountains…I cannot help but missing this essential part of my holidays. Or maybe it is just that this time I have been unable to find some relaxation during the few hours spent at home…
It`s no use moaning. Monday is approaching and it is approaching very fast…So, my personal challenge of the weekend is to motivate myself for going back to work on Monday…
091114.           "Find your motivation and done lose it"                  Dah 2 bulan lebih cari, sampai sekarang tak jumpa lagi. Awak. Awak kat mana?                  Random edit by me. Photo credit to : @nazsmarties #naz_freeforall #projekwaghih
So I am about to outsmart my brain in the best possible way I can by finding beautiful things to think about. Apart from looking for wonderful places to spend my next holidays  or just by looking at pictures from places and locations, I love, this works best with fashion.
Ohne Titel
Sometimes, when I am looking for new trends, even the possibility of possessing one of those   wonderful findings and wearing it at work makes me happy and distracts me from the world of work for quite a while.
Outside Milan Fashion Weeks
Are you ready to discover with me my  five ultimate feel-good fashion must haves of the month? Then let’s go, guys…
1. Cosy Statement Coats
2. Fashion Boots
3. An Oversized Scarf
4. Transitional Sweaters
5. A new pair of White Sneakers for this very special Pre-Spring Feeling 2017
6. A fashionable  Comfy Clothes Outfit for lazy January couch Sundays
7. Some really expensive wellness and beauty product. I am in love with the products of AESOP as the wonderful smells of their products  are definitely able to take my mind on vacation for a short while…
Guys, that has been my list of feel-good must haves for the next few days. What does your list look like? I am looking forward to your very personal feel-good must-have lists 2017.
As the day is about to end I need to go as I have to get up very early tomorrow. But after having spent some time with you and my feel-good thoughts I am already feeling better.
I’ll be back soon. Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments. Have a wonderful start into the week!
P.S. As always I have made a selection of my favourites for you at Farfetch – a partner of my blog for some time now. So look at my selection and let’s get together into the feel-good mood 2017!

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