Glimpses at Fashion: 8 reasons why Stella McCartney should be our fashion role model

Freitag, 20. November 2015

8 reasons why Stella McCartney should be our fashion role model

Hey guys, it is nice to be back here on Glimpses At Fashion with a long weekend lying in front of us. I hope you are all doing fine. I have just come back from teaching French at school and finally having time to devote my time to those many other interesting things in life. A few days ago - very early in the morning, armed with a huge cup of coffee and my computer - I stumbled upon an article about
Stella Mc Cartney. I really admire her style and her fashion. And after having finished the article, I really got to thinking about why Stella McCartney could be a real role model for us fashion girls...I found several reasons that I definitely wanted to share with you, guys...

1. As patroness of the Designer for Tomorrow award, she supports and advises our talented new and upcoming fashion designers.

Backstage at the Designer for Tomorrow Show
2. She loves the one piece. It is something that you wear on days when you do not want to think about which top goes with which pants. It is also a fashion statment as it really makes a difference and changes the way people look at you.

3. Stella McCartney would agree with us saying that sweat pants are suitable for business. 

Ulla Johnson 2015

Chloé 2015
4. ...because her choice of must haves is to the point and timeless...a good pair of jeans, boyfriend jeans, a grey melange pullover, a relly good T-shirt and some beautiful robes. And those who can tailor are, according to her,  really lucky!

Phillip Lim

Alexander Wang
Stella McCartney 

Stella McCartney

5. ...because of her saying women should dress for themselves and not to attract men. It is this being faithful to your style and yourself that attracts the attention of other people.

6. ...because for her style is not a question of age. Maybe in getting older you just refine your style. 

Stella McCartney 2016

7. ...because she knows what being a woman is like and translates her knowledge into fashion -  from being the single girl in Paris to being the married mother of four...

8. She protects anmimal rights and prooves to the world that 
fake fur is just amazing...

So guys, I hope you liked our little trip together into the world of fashion of Stella McCartney...I enjoyed it a lot and got a lot of inspirations.

Stella McCartney is really my fashion role model. 
Enjoy your fashionable weekends guys and I hope to be back soon...
Let's stay tuned and do not forget to come back to Glimpses at Fashion for more fashion inspirations.

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  1. Thank you so so much for this great inspiration :D

    xx Michaela


  2. This post it's really great ! I could learn many interesting things about Stella :-)It is a great fashion designer and an excellent example of how well can combine career and private life :-)