Glimpses at Fashion: Glimpses at fashion is having a few Jil Sander moments...

Sonntag, 1. November 2015

Glimpses at fashion is having a few Jil Sander moments...

Hey guys, how are you doing...? Finally I have found a perfect moment for my new post for you, having spent the whole morning doing all the work for seminars and school that should have been done in the past two weeks.
Holidays passed really quickly but although it is the last afternoon in freedom I am still living on those wonderful memories: long romantic walks through Munich with all this sweet sunshine, eating in fantastic restaurants, visiting great musesums and above all, visiting Jean Paul Gaultier's #jpgmuc. So, all in all, it was a fantastic time and going back to work tomorrow is okay...(is there a choice, anyway?)...A few days ago I stumbled upon a fashion designer I have been familiar with for years. It is Jil Sander, who is back after a pause of two years. I am really in love with her design and always have been. And I definitely wanted to share with you why...Guys, let's enjoy some valuable Jil Sander moments together.

1. She puts fashion in scene in the most esthetic ways. 

When I saw the picture for the first time I couldn't believe that it was taken in 1990. The look is amazing and I love those shoes...

Edie Campbell in red swing coat and metallic high-heels by #JilSander

2. In her style I find this most preferred casual elegance. 

#JilSander Fall/Winter campaign 2014

oversized long-sleeve knit cardigan 

casual elegance by #JilSander

#JilSander Resort 2015

3. I do not only love cashmere, I adore Jil Sander's cashmere sweaters.

#JilSander cashmere pullover

4. Because she puts blue in scene in the most flattering ways...and it is definitely one of my favourite colours...

#JilSander Spring 2016 #RTW
#JilSander 2015 at #MFW
#JilSander dress blue
#JilSander@Samson Choi

#JilSander@Samson Choi

#JilSander lage 'Lace' tote bag

5.  Because the colours of her Spring 2016 collection make me feel good by just looking at them...

Guys, I had the greatest fun in sharing some Jil Sander moments with you. I hope you are loving the outits in the way that I do.

For more Jil Sander moments take a glimpse at my personal shopping list...

I am going back to correcting the rest of my French tests and I am looking forward to meeting you here soon!! Get a nice start into the week guys and don't forget to have some fashionable moments wherever you are...


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