Glimpses at Fashion: Casual Friday has arrived

Freitag, 13. November 2015

Casual Friday has arrived

Hey guys, how are you doing? I am sure you are looking forward to the weekend? ...So do I, guys...With two tough exam days lying behind me, I am feeling a little bit of relief right now. The examinees did pretty good and this is always a great feeling for the examiner, too.  
We train most of our examinees for over two years and the results achieved are also a good feedback for me as a teacher trainer. So everything seems to be allright. Great. I love to begin the weekend with a good feeling...
However, I must admit that after a week of tough business clothing and a tough business attitude the only thing I now desire is to go casual. And that's why I chose the photos above. Isn't she adorable, Amanda Wellsh with her casual cardigan - turtleneck - trouser - sneaker combination?I really love the photo. And although she is styled in a casual way, she still looks so elegant and sexy...Adorable, don't you think? 
And that's why I thought to put some casual outfits on my blog today just to celebrate this minimal and casual style with you. So enjoy the pictures and get some casual inspirations for the upcoming weekend...

I hope you found your favourite look in the pictures?...I stick to the first one. Guys, as promised, I will be back at the weekend with my next post. 
For further fashion inspirations check out the latest posts in my blog about the turtelneck temptationFall/Winter looks 2015 and about my favourite Jil Sander styles.

Stay fashionable guys and let's stay tuned...

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  1. Fantastic inspirations my dear, I'm taking short time off from blogging, so see you in spring time :-)